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Identitypes Assessment & Ebook


The Identitypes Assessment synthesizes over 250 psychological, spiritual, and secular systems ranging from semiotics and gamification; to chakras and Langer’s mindfulness principles.

The Ebook gives an overview of each Identitype — and how you can use yours to find your most effective branding — through definitions, alignments, traits, energetics, and spotlights on real people and companies as they apply to branding and languaging.

Together, they clarify the origins, alignment, and trajectory of your most authentic brand that reaches your best client markets.

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Product Description

The Identitypes Assessment is the first step towards the best branding for your career or company.  Your answers will be converted into a customized chart that reveals key strengths, stumbling blocks, wealth practices, and client alignments.  Knowing these factors can help you refine branding strategies, core personnel choices, and marketing tactics.

The Identitypes Ebook shares insights into each Identitype.  It looks at principles behind targeting languaging for your best markets; basic exercises to help you use your Identitypes Assessment Chart for discovering and reaching those markets; as well as giving real world examples of branding/ languaging combinations that show these principles in action when being used by successful companies.

So come explore your untapped potential and discover some of the deepest truths that can support your success.  And let the Identitypes System Assessment and Ebook show you more of what you need to make your best branding choices!


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